Jungle Warfare - Black Ops finished...

by Roman aka jar

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I hope everybody had some relaxed Christmas days. Just a short posting after i am still a bit tired of too much turkey. Another Jungle Warfare has been finished.

I did read a lot lately about Vietnam back in those 70's - got really intense experience from reading some books and informing myself - this is what comes up when i later on did a little recall on a miniature. Corvus Belli's Infinity again was a great inspiration for these Warfare parts i sometimes do. The palm and jungle stuff comes from Fredericus Rex and is called the Green Line - so let's hope this Black Ops down there in the Nam won't get bid by a jungle snake, struck by a booby trap or eaten up by mosquitos as he still has to fullfil his mission to be out of the perimeter and try to learn how to move in the jungle like the jungle itself does... big task, no time to play - hoping he won't cross the red line with his next steps...

Jungle Warfare - Black Ops
Corvus Belli, 28 mm

I will soon do a little article about how i did create this little tiny jungle scene by using Fredericus Rex Green Line Products and other stuff. Keep an eye out.

Hope you like it!
Feel invited to leave a comment or any other thought that might pop up your mind...
Keep on happy painting!

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