Tutorial - how to make a socket label - 3

by Raffa

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Heeeeey everyone!

As the "Hunter or Hunted" step by step is a bit delayed (it will be printed in german in the next "Tabletop Insider" so i delay 2 month ... exclusivity etc.) i thought i could maybe give you at least a small part of it.... how i made the socket label.

The goal of this tutorial is to create a socket label that somehow looks like a old parchment.

The first step is to cut out a piece of brass sheet (you can also use aluminium or copper) in the size you want the socket label to be. I also sanded it a little bit so the color sticks better to the metal.

Now you have to destroy it a little bit... at first i cut some edges in with a hobby knife and cut out smaller pieces with a small scissor... use whatever you want!
When you stressed the edges, bend the corners of the sheet inside....

To work with the label i sticked it onto some kind of holder with pattafix/bluetac.
Then i put a coat of white basecoat on the metal and painted a basecoat with dheneb stone.... you can basically use any parchment style color... like bleached bone + fortress grey or graveyard earth + white.....
I used Sepia Ink from Vallejo Game Color to bring a brownish color gradient to the edges.
To do this i used the technique i showed Here around 7:50min (sorry.. german, but the technique is understandable without words... ;)

In this next step i added some more gradients into darker colors. I used a mix of Sepia Ink and Vallejo Model Color Dark Sea Blue that was glazed into the dark corners.
Again i used Sepia Ink to make those splotches with a blister sponge.
The large stains were created by putting on a pool of color, waiting some seconds until the border of the pool is drying and then pulling the color down with a damp brush.
I added some highlights with bleached bone following the rules of zenithal lighting.

At this point i made a sketch of how the text should look like.

With a technical pen i copied the design to the label and painted it with diluted dark sea blue.
To bring in some interesting contrast i used red to give the Letters a twist ;)

The label is now finished and can be applied to the base with superglue.
Hope you liked this small tutorial :)



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