The Bellower - Issue 4 out now!

by Roman aka jar

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In this issue:
- Cover art by Hammertooth
- From the Gut by Randroid and Barney
- Ask Aunty Doreen by Aunty Doreen
- The Feeding Grounds: 8th Edition Overview by Sandals, Rocdocta, Lexy, Avian (We Iz Orcs) and Malorian (The Orc Tactical Team Podcast)
- Butcher's Cauldron: How to Paint Blood by Jarhead
- Tactics For Tyrants: Gut Magic Tactica by Entreri Bloodletter
- Gastronomic Rumblings From the Butcher's Pot: A Question of Why by Eric J
- Tales of Conquest: Ogre Kingdoms vs. The Empire by Mercules
- It's a Trap! by Ultra-Mega Bob
- Blood Bowl Ogre Team Overview by Three Die Block
- Armies of the Stronghold: Feastmaster Tribe by DonTheDime and Barney

Thanks to the Bellower Team and all our content contributors for another great issue!

The fourth issue of the Stronghold's free Ogre Kingdoms webzine is available to download now!
You can find it over here, where you also can check the older issues - all PDF!

And there is also again a colour butchery theme by Massive Voodoo included! :)


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