Death Korps finished

by Robert aka muhani

posted by Robert, muhani, chimp

... finished something. This time two Death Korps of Krieg.

As this minis are based on the uniforms of World War 1, I stumbled across the book "All quiet on the Western Front", while I was searching for some inspiration. The book was written short after WW1 and provides some terrifying impression about the living and dying in the trenches during the war. There is also a movie based on this book that was filmed in 1930(!).

Well, maybe too much thinking again .... the scene became dark and muddy - somehow ... in my oppinion it became nearly war-glorifying, what was the exact opposite of what I wanted.
That's why I decided to place Rackham's Rose in position in order to turn the effect into another direction. That's it. And dead rats. Hope you like it.

Here is a cmon-link:
Critics are very welcome.

I take the opportunity and wish you all happy Xmas! Enjoy it with your family.



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