DcoK Rider II finished...

by Roman aka jar

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This one was a miniature were i did test my first oil colours on and did some experiments. I only had burnt Umbra as my first colour so this colour seems to be everywhere on this one. I did learn a lot and doing some more exercises with using oil colours in combination with all my other stuff - i will talk about these experiences in the jungle soon, maybe - i mean when i got enough to tell or talk - i mean when there is content to talk about :) - I also choose a pretty simple base for this one - no idea why, but i liked it on him, the base is from Artefactory's Carlos.

This one is painted to Kurt, a good friend from Graz as a gift, because he is one hell of a nice guy everytime we see and even if we don't see us, haha - so this is a thank you gift. The miniature is already in Austria but the next time i'll see it i have to go at a little french rose on the flag as  a freehand - i wasn't able so far... i will do it, Kurt - got my word... thanks Andi for the photos:

Death Corp of Krieg Rider 
Forgeworld, 28 mm

If you ask yourself, who Kurt and Andi are check out their cool blog Tower of Heroes!

And good Morning Music:

Hope you like it!
Keep on happy painting!
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