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After our great weekend in Austria we are slowly regaining energy - in these days back in Graz there have been for sure some colours on miniatures and now slowly everything comes to an end. Check out Raffa's cool stuff he did and his WIPs he just posted!

I did also finish something the last days, but first i want to show you some miniatures that i now can call my own and add them to my private collection - Mati and Andi did both paint a miniature for me. Mati's model has been a hell of a surprise as he did her during my class and the model with Andi has been a planned miniature exchange.

Mati's Daemonette
28 mm, Games Workshop

Captain Asshole
28 mm, Games Workshop

Not to forget little Hans Kraut in 15 mm painted by Raffa, which he gave to me as a gift. This is a Flames of War Miniature, really small but the scene is epic. This is Hans Kraut, who tries to flee from the barracks because he is tired of the stupid war. Right in this moment while he silently sneaks away the Light Beamer from a Tower hits his person... epic sad moment with Hans Kraut, many thanks, Raffa!

Hans Kraut
15 mm, Flames of War

Robert also did paint up a Demonette during the class - pretty nice for one weekend, don't you think? This model will be the next model you can win when we reach our 500th Blog describtion...

Robert's Demonette
28 mm, Games Workshop

I did also finish one model i have used to show some techniques about painting at the last class in Graz. He is some imperial Soldier which is really angry about some Beastman pillaging his village...

Imperial Soldier
28 mm, Games Workshop

I also did this comission piece of a converted Skaven Warlord, who is a bit more evil and sneaky then the last one i did.

Skaven Warlord
28 mm, Games Workshop

Both pieces of me are painted in a strictly set time frame by my own, so this is what i am able to do in about 10~15 hours each. I am not really happy with some parts but perfection for sure needs more time and i wasn't able to pump some more in these 2 projects. Hope you like them whatever i blabla here...

Here is a little preview on a base/model i am working at the moment...

The base is mostly build up from cork, with some common earth on it and several gypsum parts. Hope you like it so far...

Keep on happy painting and stay inside the jungle - the outside is cold :)
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