Finished Miniatures and other Jungle Wisdom

by Roman aka jar

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He follows the paths, the paths of time and destiny,
sending out his decay to the universe, bringing decay to the untouched,
his duty is to spread the gift of Papa Nurgle, moving slowly but systematic...


Another Brother of Decay... i really like those because i can make them look like what i believe of Nurgle. For me the most important thing is that the viewer can smell the decay. That is the first step. when you inhale the odor Nurgle is gonna get you... muahaha!

Basic model was a forgeworld Nurgle torso with different conversions on it. Used several parts from normal Space Marine Chapters, a lance of bretonian knights and ... hell i have no idea, i also used crackle medium to the maximum... don't know why, it did wish for it and i wanted to test it. Hope you like him!

Dealer of Decay
Death Guard Fallen
Games Workshop, 28 mm

Another finished piece is called Jungle Warfare I.
I did plan to do something big out of all the experience, wisdom and feelings i get lately by reading a lot of Vietnam War books to inform myself more around these happenings back in the past. The big project is too big for my actual plans and the work i got to do and as i don't want to have a heavy mind while painting i simply canceled it and will do some small "Nam-Pieces" when the Muse is right.

The base was build up with cork and dried earth and some gypsum parts mainly. The jungle plants are from Fredericus Rex Green Line nature sets. This was my first try with them and they come on thin hard paper, laser cut and are really cool to work with.

This model is a Christmas gift to my RwW, Vittorio from Italy, because he is one of the greatest and most patient persons who i do know until today.

Jungle Warfare I
Corvus Belli, 28 mm

Now it gets to some serious Work in Progress talk i already did start yesterday. I am in the mood for painting these days and am wildly rocking and torturing the brushes. New things and old things - I want to free my workbench from older stuff and things i still got to work on, but all hand in hand with the muse and not with pressure and without her. You always have to be gentle to the muse, pressure and force brings only bad temper. So i did clean up my place really hard the last couple of days, preparing everything for the relaunch out of the daily soap called life - pure painting celebration for the next days after everything is shiny again. Therefore i also will throw out some projects, more to this later on... here are things that are on my mind these days or i find myself dancing in front of the WIP-section of my cabinet, thinking and dancing... then it is painting again... Work in Progress in totally weird changes of being just started or being soon finished - hope you enjoy...


So far for the moment - Painting is in Progress. If you like what you see or dislike i would be looking forward to your comments. If you got some questions please let me know via comment, i'll keep them answered. A good song to keep the painting spirits alive will now loose this posting up a bit and brings you motivation, i hope - i only can speak for Raffa and me - even when we already sleep and this sound arrives in our ears we still paint for hours...

I guess i've posted this video around 20 times now in the jungle, haha... keep on... trrrr trrrr ttrrrr ... not me... trrrdddddwwwooooooommmmm, trrrddddwwwwoooooommmmm...

As i told you i did clear up my place and i did find two cool big bases but also the wisdom to let them past beyond future plans - if anyone is intrested in buying those build up bases please contact me via jarhead---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com. Big bases go go...

Also i did fill up the other Jungle Surprise box with more material. It soon is full :)

So far - i guess i have mentioned everything i was thinking of while writing... now it's time to get back at the brush :)

Keep on happy painting!
Best Regards

PS:@Ben: Thanks for activating me again - your hydra is so stunning... it really strikes my brain and i want to paint again... many, many thanks, bro'!


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