Painting Jam 15 - Mixed FAQ

by Roman aka jar

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It's been a while since the last, so here goes this one... yeaha! Your questions, my answers... no idea if they could help you :)


Peter asks via email:

"Hello to all the apes of the jungle!

I want to paint a miniature for my girlfriend for Christmas. I found a nice Frog Shaman miniature by Reaper and I want to paint it to look like a Red Eyed Tree Frog. Here is a picture of one of them which shows it really well:

Now I was wondering how you would paint this lovely creamy green and white of these frogs?

I really hope there will be another Painting Jam before Christmas and you find time to answer my question ^^

Thank you very much for all the great work you do on your blog! My basing, my painting and my general attitude towards the painting hobby (which you have turned into a job which is the big secret dream of every painter) have improved so much since I started reading Massive Voodoo. A sincere thank you from me here ^^

Muchas Gracias, Peter. I'll try to help now: Frogs, oh dear, i never did a frog so far... as far as i can remember. For his white lower body i would use a mix of Skull White + Codex Grey + a tip of Dwarf Flesh, maybe even Warlock Purple or some other purple and more grey in the mix to get all the colour changes in it. Painting the green i would think that it is more a yellow with a green touch in it. Some camo green with additional yellow and maybe a tip of white should do the trick. I hope i could have helped you with my colour brainstorm - good luck and happy painting until Christmas and for sure further on!


LilLoser asks via email:

"Hi there Roman, season's greetings.

I hope you don't mind this message, but I just have to ask your opinion about the best method of painting true metallic gold.

I have read your TMM tutorial and found adding hawk's turquoise to silver to be a revelation. I was just wondering whether you do anything similar to gold?

Anything you have to say would be greatly received.

Thank you very much, and thank you and all your contributors to Massive Voodoo. 


True metallic gold i most time do this way: I love the gold tone of Game Colour "Glorious Gold" - it is really a rich warm gold tone which works great as a basic. I personally don't like the cold gold tones, but this always depends on the models you paint. If i paint a Warrior of Khorne i would choose a warm gold, if i would paint a High Elf Noble i might choose a cold gold. If you got a neutral gold at home like burnished gold by Citadel or something else it ain't a problem to paint them cold or warm, just mix in some colour like Ice blue or Dark Flesh (cold and warm - but you can choose whatever you like here). This is the start. Now i paint up gold TM the same way i do with silver about light and shadows. For the shadows there helps a tip of Black or something else to darken the colour done, for the light i use mostly an additional tip of some bright silver to set the final edge highlights on the gold... I hope this helped.


Russel asks via Email:

"Hello Jarhead!

I've been a huge fan of your work since I started playing wargames, and finally I am on holiday so can put some time down to paint some miniatures I really love, rather than just for gaming... I was wondering, would you be able to give me a really brief explanation of how you painted the purple armour on Nimue's horse ( It's stunning, and I wanted to try my hand at it!

Promise I'll post some finished pictures when I'm done, although they'll not be very good! 

Thanks so much for the site too, it's such a great resource!



Nimue, Nimue... mmh i try, but i can't give you my word on that this was the way i had done her in the past. I would start with a bright silver plus adding a tip of Warlock purple to it for the basic colour. Just mix it in your metallic colour somewhere on your wet palette, you can change every metal tone to another colour, just choose the one you like for the place of painting. I now then would add some darker tone like a dark purple or later on a dark purple + a tip of black to bring this basic colour to its shadow. I would go for the lights by adding a bit silver to the basic colour...  hope it helped!


So far... my thoughts on this painting jam! It's all about light and shadows all the time, there are those shadow colours and those which you bring in to catch a colour in its light, it doesn't really matter what you put in between, you can take every colour, always light and shadow...

Keep on happy painting!
Best Regards


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