Show some balls! UPDATE!

by Roman aka jar


after recieving a lot of messages lately including questions about the rules of the Show some balls! Painting competition i have to set the records clear by telling you:

- You have to sculpt your ball/sphere on your own, it is not allowed to use a ball you did bought somewhere or stole from the billiard table.

- It is not allowed to glue something on the ball. Simply a painted ball.

- It is not allowed to cut something off from your ball.

- Sockets are allowed where your ball may be pinned on. 

- We will not show the balls we did recieve until the competition is over.

I hope this is clear to everyone now - i will add these additional rules to the main topic of the Show some balls! Competition which you may find here!

You may also find this topic in the right navigation bar under the point "Competitions".

Great News! 
Thanks to Felix (Pinselknecht) from PK-Pro for adding some bases to the price list.

All of the 5 prices, even the banana, will be send with an additional stock of different randomly chosen bases by PK-Pro, very cool, thanks for your support on this.

Thanks again, Felix! Really appreaciated!

So far...
Keep on happy painting!


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