Capuchin's WIP and Finished second Demonette

by Raffa

Hey everyone!

I hope you didn't fell asleep in the time roman powers himself through the two workshops! I hope the mighty monkey gods give him the power and bananas he needs!

Meanwhile i finished the demonette from the first workshop:

Today was a nice day so i decided to start with my Carlos Conversion :)

There will drip some green slimy goo from the gun and like in aliens it will burn a whole through the ground ;)
Finally my blendings slowly get better.... i think today i made a big step forward .. at least i think so haha :D
I've bought some stuff today that's called "Fluid Medium" by Lukas for acrylic paints... i really love to paint with this stuff, i have less problems with my blendings, try the stuff out if you have the chance!

And finally i made some green and yellow glazes on the rotting grinning guy from mati :)

Still some work to do, i have to add more highlights and maybe i'll add more detail to the pupil, somehow i'm not quite pleased with it.

I'm really happy, tommorow i'll paint the whole day and monday is the big monkey reunion painting day, YEAH! Finally something going on!
And i got some ideas for my next projects... stay tuned!



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