Damn! - Brain Error!

by Roman aka jar

Ok, now really you might think i am stupid as hell. I did write this thing today about my camera, maybe you have read it. I still not feel good about it... guess you need to know me to know why it makes me feel strange... enough blabla...

Thanks to Steffen (Count zero) the Sockelmacher.de for letting me know how my Paypal adress is.

It is not .com - it's .de

...as tomorrow starts another workshop in Cologne my brain makes big offline mode at the moment i guess, haha. Thanks Steffen for the info and sorry to everyone who has been confused.

Here is now the right information!

I go focus on the Workshop tomorrow now... ay, ay, ay... Painting classes and Red Wine makes me weird. I hope no one did sent money to an adress, that does not exist, i don't even know if this is possible... ahh, feeling strange, Kong running away now...



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