Yarry finished...

by Roman aka jar

I know i am boring, could have done all 3 finished miniatures in one posting... but i didn't, why? Don't ask me... a lot of thanks again to everyone helping me out with the camera donation for the kong, i can feel the Happy Painting flood rush back in my died venes... illness is gone and christmas with the family is coming - could there be anything better in these days than this? Let me think for a minute...

1 Minute of thinking...

No it ain't, simply great - thanks for your help! I am looking forward to play the drums in here as loud as never heard before or somehow in that massive direction. Bum! Bum! Chakka! Bum! Did finish Yarry from Enigma, second one i did paint up, this one is the version which arrives when you get one, nothing changed... more or less it has also been a funny sideproject, ahh... main projects, main projects, main... fun... main... Hold it!

Yarry, Enigma Miniatures, 54 mm Halfling

 He is also up to CMON, if you'll need a ride there take this train!

As i achtually have a really full cabinet i thought about making a photo of everything in it at the moment - thanks Robert for sending me the Leo bust and Varghar for the Workshop time! Also you can see my first 2 miniature exchange models ever in my life, "Carlos" by ScottRadom (thanks mate, love him) and "Shiraga RIP" by my friend Fabrizio, love you too :)

Also my actual WIPs... Ancient Hero Maulg is missing, he is waiting on the workbench :)


... i guess this is it, my last posting before the holy days. Keep 'em simple, don't waste electricity, don't burn the house by doing the no waste thing and  keep 'em in the heart of your family - i wish everyone a wonderful time between your loved ones - Christmas is here again :) 

... those i yet had the chance to meet them in person, feel hugged by Kong :)

Keep on happy painting!

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