Weekend Playlist Adding XIII + XIV

by Roman aka jar

Do i forget something? No i guess not... after being away for 2 weekends now, the Playlist will be added with 10 songs - music from my MP3player that did follow my way the last two weeks and inspires me ... hope you enjoy - take a moment, i guess you could enjoy some of these clips, some may be in different versions as you might know them:

PS22 Chorus - Eye of the Tiger

Moloko - Indigo

Queen - We will rock you

Martin Jondo - All i ever know

James Brown - I feel good

Buddha Bar III sacral nirvana

Tamally Maak - Always With You

A tribe called Quest - Can i kick it?

Arrested Development - Mr. Wendal

And another one, because i am late with that update:

Strange music for some nice days in Cologne and Berlin, haha - hope you may enjoy those choices a bit.

Still a bit busy with all the email stuff and so on but i guess it is getting better soon, when christmas arrives and when i'll totally loose my time for this blog. I hope you have some quiet days around - with a little bit of painting or sculpting time - just take a moment to it and feel how good it is for the soul. I did finish a model but i ain't got no camera at the moment, so i have to wait to see Raffa again for helping me out with the photos, but until this i'll try to finish up some more :)

Keep on happy painting!


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