Workshop Review Cologne 2

by Roman aka jar


now follows a little review from my point of view at the second beginner's painting class held in Cologne the last weekend. Still a bit knackered from those 2 workshops held during the last weekends, but sleepy time is sometimes wasted time... the Kong tries not to sleep, but sometimes he does and dreams of big fat banana trees. Whatever, we had a great weekend i have to say...

Thanks again to Robert of the Brave New World store in the center of Cologne. As Robert told me there is a chance of some more workshops in 2010 in the store as Robert has been fully happy about everything went. At this point thanks to every helping hand, even those who did not participate - your help has been highly appreciated. Biggest thanks again go out to my Cologne Lady Daniela (Lilly) who gave me a home for 10 days and some really cool days. I am really thankful and you shall know words can't describe what i mean. Maybe you could take a photo of the ape picture - i wasn't able to you know ;)

Now let me tell you about the painting class itself. Thanks to my men Andreas and Markus for letting me use their photos and thanks for everyone who allowed me to show a picture of him/her on this site. Thanks for your support. At this point also the should be mentioned, thanks for the great support on MiniNatur-Stuff.

Again we took Demonettes for the use of practice on the Workshop. After we cleaned them up, prepared them for painting and build a base we had to prime them. In between i was telling some blablubb about colours and light and a lot more things i guess, haha. Why we used the 2 Black and White Priming Method -

"Ay, where are my details, can't see them and btw where is that light this guy Roman was talking about?"

Priming in the center of Cologne's city really is a lot of fun - first waiting in line of some grafiti gangsters:

Then me telling something about the things to take care of while priming:

One of the great participants doing it himself:

After this it was up to me to show a bit more practical use of colours and how to work with it before the Happy Painting could start:

Don't take a too close look at my colour cans i work with, here is my trasnportation method:

Now it was up to the Participants to rock it with the Happy Painting flow - and you may decide if they had their fun:

When "Problems" seemed to appear i tried to be as fast as Flash, but wasn't always able too - i am getting old you know, haha. No faces like this allowed on the class, just kidding - i guess he was really massive tired like we all...

Some more impressions on the Painting class... randomly sorted, thanks for the great time to everyone, even i had a hard time on Sunday not falling asleep while showing you something but i guess it was not only me, haha:


Some of the adult participants had their own idea to become friend with the colours, just kidding - there is no need to, always know colours are not evil - they are beautiful and everywhere, that is why life is so wonderful:

I really must have said something very fascinating, can't remember this part, haha:

I just explained my muse, the source of all inspiration, haha:

We also made a groupshot of us all:

And for sure also a group shot of the Workshop Miniatures done by the participants:

Again, i have to say thank you a lot for taking part and making this weekend a lot of fun, also special thanks to Daniela again for her helping hand. Hope to see you again my fellow painting comrads - may a good brush be with you!

Keep on happy painting!

PS: Keep the word out for Happy Painting and i hope you'll make those Painting Meetings you planning already:


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