Now check this out...

by Roman aka jar

Just recieved this message over on Facebook by Ian Newbold:

"Hi Roman. I have a second Facebook Graffiti Goal that I hope you will
help me with. If I can persuade 100 people to scrawl a few relevant words
on my facebook wall by the end of this year £100 will be donated to
Children in Need. Something very short and simple such as "This scrawl is
to help Ian achieve his second facebook graffiti goal in support of
Children in Need" would be brilliant but you can of course vary that as
much as you like. No problem if it's not your thing but I need all the
scrawls I can get! Best Wishes Ian"

I would say if you are up to Facebook - make your grafiti on his wall for a good reason - i'll do so!

Ian Newbold on Facebook

Happy Grafiti!


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