Update in the For Sale area...

by Roman aka jar

In the right upper corner of this page you may find the "For Sale" area. It is meant to be a place where painted miniatures or stuff will be sold time after time.

Why not using ebay for this? Let me explain:

Sometimes even i am painting up a model that my heart loves. Usually i really did get used in selling every miniature i paint or paint comission pieces - all in all i do give them away in the end. Usually no problem, but sometimes i finish up some miniatures where my heart holds on to - therefore i won't use ebay - they will be sold there for a good cause. I can somehow say how much they mean for me and if they are not getting sold then they stay at my cabinet - something about love, hard to explain. 

Raffa's cabinet is also always expanding and so there you may also find 2 miniatures up for Sale painted by him. Check it out...



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