Kong's Review of 2009

by Roman aka jar

Huhm? I have no idea why i am typing this, haha. Maybe just another brick in the colossal wall of all the thankful happy thoughts i have build up through this year and which flood my mind when thinking about my beloved passion: Miniatures.

I have met so many great people through this passion and it really seems that no matter what you are in normal life or what you are not - it doesn't matter, there is a chain of friendship, more like brotherhood and for sure sisterhood sorrounding our beloved passion that everyone can be happy when talking to someone with the same passion. Sure sometimes you are not getting best friends for life but there is always something which brings different brains and souls to the same spot: our Hobby about those tiny models.

I want to say thank you to a real great year taking off from "normal" working life and my second year of trying to make a life from my passion, it would have not worked out without you - the ladys and gentleman that do support the things i do. From emotional support and friendship to Comissions and even reading here - it is you who bring the power, not me - there are those little or big words some of you drop about my work, this blog, friends and great people sorrounding my passion - you bring the energy with your support. Therefore i am really thankful - year 2009 in my life really will stay in a damm good memory...

There are so many metionable things in 2009 that i surely can't tell them here, but i will do a little brainstorm - my sweetest memories from 2009 as far as i can remember:

- decided to do another year break off in early 2009

- Meeting Robert in Graz in early 2009

- Doing my first Painting class there ever
- Winning surprisingly Gold in Fantasy Master Painting at this years Duke of Bavaria in Ingolstadt
- being down/low and gained the power to raise again --> the power to this starts with pure truth to yourself and pure truth to others, this makes a heart free and able to fly (blabla, just my experience)
- Spending some time via Skype with Mati in the chilled weeks of this years summer, finally meeting him lately in Berlin
- Meeting Raffa at a barbecue :)
- Painting miniatures all the time and thinking about it all the time
- Starting this blog

- Bernard Cornwell's books
- Birth of the neighbour twins

- Becoming the godfather of the neighbour twins together with my lady
- found reasons which made me stop palying computer games that much...
- blablalbablubb... i guess i could fill this up with so many thoughts but as you know time is always limited, but i have learned to accept that and stop myself sometimes from writing hour of hour of my thoughts... that sometimes makes nothing left in my brain and those reupload times are ... uhm, yeah - strange... whatever, i guess the best things in the last year had been meeting a lof of people, some new over the internet and some in real which i only did know from the internet yet and share our beloved passion and inspirational powers with them...additional for sure all the support that i have recieved from so many directions - i guess this was without a doubt the greatest thing in the last year...

Main thing for 2010 which i have decided: I will still hold on to this passion and will do another year of fully working and living my passion. Someday i have to finish up myself in becoming a teacher for kids, but not yet ... not yet. Be sure that i have checked all the information i need to do this break off and there is the time to do so - there is no hurry to become a teacher as my high quality informants told me.

Finally, i am not sure if there is something coming the last couple of days on this blog. Maybe. Maybe not. Be sure that next year will start with this idea of everything growing how it is growing, no plan or idea behind everything... just let the muse decide and let her create the best of it. At this point i have to quote the "Welcome Text" from the right navigation bar:

"Welcome to MASSIVE VOODOO, the small jungle of ideas and thoughts - of muhani, Picster, mati and jarhead - around our beloved passion - Miniature Painting and colors.

We'd like to invite you to stay a moment and check MASSIVE VOODOO for tutorials, reviews, galleries and much more to come in the future. For the past, don't miss to check out the archives :)

If you like what you can find here we would invite you to subscribe and help to make this place whatever it will be somewhere in the future :)

Really looking forward to another year...

Keep on happy painting!


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