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Please be sure i feel like this and that and also this and also that while writing the next lines! And this!

As i am trying never to bother someone, i have something on my heart that really drives me crazy...

My good old digital camera gave up her power  today and died after making the pictures of the AT-44 miniature. There is dirt in the objective and i have tried with Kong patience and Kong Power to get it out. Now the camera really gave up her life after long years of good serve.

As you may recognize, this blog lives from the photos and as a guy trying to make a living from miniatures i have the need of a camera. Ahh, i am normally not the person who asks for something and i feel a bit ashamed but in this case and with Christmas rolling in i have to ask the following:

If anyone is reading this and thinks "Hey, i really like the direction this blog goes!" or something like that i would be honoustly thankful of some help at the moment with my camera problem. If you got a dollar or two left and want to send it to my Paypal account you really could help the Kong running the jungle as happy as before. Whatever, man i feel somehow stupid but asking is priceless and so i am simply doing it. If you are up to help me i would be more than thankful about a donation for a new Kong camera on that paypal adress:


Mmh... i am really feeling strange of maybe some of you might think i am talking bullshit in here to get some money for christmas - it ain't that way, today really isn't a bright day seeing my camera die after finally get a feeling of using it. So if you got some bucks left for the weirdo Kong you could make me way more than happy...

Uh... really strange! Whatever, if you want to help just write to your donation that your coins are subjected to "Donation for a new Kong Camera"...

Thankful Regards!

PS: And if there is no one out there who donates be sure that i am not evil about that, this is really a strange question and i know how hard it is in these days to make a living. Please be sure that if you help, that this is a donation with nothing in return, only the garuantee of photos in here again.


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