Tutorial - Painting Orc Skin

by Roman aka jar

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after both workshops in Cologne are over now and we really had a great time i think i am still a bit off the hook with brain.

Whatever, here goes another really old tutorial i have written in the year 2006 - it is about painting orc skin and as i said i am translating those old tutorials one after the other.

Unfortunately the pictures also still are from my extremely bad photographing phase - i am sorry about this fact.


The green flood - should it be an army painted in only one colour from the pot? No indeed, because also Orc skin  should have difference, like humans are different i guess orcs are too.

I avoid consciously well-known standard variants and try to show an alternative possibility here.


 Has been done like described in this tutorial. Unfortanetly i did not get hold of the primed orc in a photo, it somehow looks like this, but is an orc - i count on your imaginacial powers:

After the priming I have applied all necessary basic colours on the whole model. However, we concentrate here only upon the subject: The orc skin.

__________________________________________________ _____________________

The skin 

The skin  has been started with one layer Catachan Green (Color / water: 80/20), creamy. It first has been darkened a bit with glazes of Dark Angels Green to the Shadows. Unfortunately I lost the picture which supposed to be here - creative chaos is sometimes not so great.

[No image available - ahh, sorry, damm]

Next, a glaze Catachan Green (Color / water: 40/60) to the lighter areas which  have been set by the white primer has been placed to the lights. This process can be repeated frequently to optimize and extend in between all areas of the skin.But be sure about the fact that the brighter areas should be more cleaner and stronger than parts in the shadows - do this by repeating glazing. In addition, the eyes have been painted with pure Skull White. Not really a good following picture, as i told you, my early days... but it should become clearer with further pictures.

The second glaze is a mix of Catachan Green and Bleached Bone (90/10) and went in the other direction - into the lights. The procedure is exactly the same: emphasis reinforced by the repetition of the steps. Several glazes Fiery Orange (Color / water: 70/30) have been carefully drawn over his eyes.

Now, a glaze of Catachan Green and Bleached Bone (70/30) followed in order to intense further highlights. This option can be repeated more often. As a final accent is again wearing a mix up from Catachan Green and Bleached Bone (40/60) on the model. Be careful with this last step in the accents and sit slightly better targeted than too many, as this may otherwise prevent the full effect of the last accent. The eyes still get a final glaze Red Gore, and here in a part of the eye, the Fiery Orange, that shines through the white primer can stay.

 In conclusion, a glaze Dark Angels Green (Color / Water: 5 / 95) over the entire skin is pulled. This combines the colors with their basic tone and creates a more harmonious overall picture.

The finished Orkhaut was concluded with several dark glazes (purple, blue, red) to the deeper parts (eye sockets, mouth, shadow agencies, etc.) covered at the overall picture of the miniature by depth a harmonious effect. This effect could now step in which we once again darkens and lightens to intense the contrast -  I won't do to this miniature anymore as this is planned a Orc for the gaming table. The other areas of the miniature have been completed and finally the boss yells at his favorite color Power Word: Waaaaghhhh!

PS: I have seen this ugly thing on his left shoulder on the picture above... man i am happy that i have learned some things in my hobby time, haha.

Be sure that there is much more colour in a skintone, also in orcish ones. Just let your inspiration drive you. The more patient you are working with glazes and contrast the better results you may achieve. Here are some further examples:

Keep on happy painting!


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