Tutorial - Building a base with some rusty parts found on the streets...

by Roman aka jar

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Another base. Another Tutorial. This is just a way i want to show how my bases come to realization, as told before i am not thinking very much while doing a base. So it has been again this time.

In these days, while Christmas is gone, New year's eve approaching i am currently not really painting - i am working a bit more weird than usually, haha. Bringing things, bases and miniatures together which i just took for these quiet days. Normal working will start again in 2010 :) - now some thoughts on another basework, for sure not a real tutorial...

Needful Things you might need while doing such a "weirdo" base :

- A socket
- some Milliput Standard Yellow or whatever colour you may like, or even whatever putty you may like...
- Stuff you have found while running through this world
- a miniature and with that a simple thought of an idea 

The Miniature and the inspiration

I really have been fascinated by rusto's great Dire Troll Mauler. I love that model since then and i adore those rocking bases he does with not much stuff - it is more about lines in the bases that help bringing a model to the right focus or including it more in the base. The base and model combination here at this Troll really did catch me and made it to one of my old time favorite models ever painted by rusto. The roots on the side, standing higher to their ends form somehow the same line as the hands of the troll do... that is what i mean by lines - here is my lazy explination sketch to it:

Sure those lines are not really seen, but they help to bring the miniature in the main focus. For another explanation take a look at the last painted Ancient Hero Maulg by me. There is some sort of "V" in the back that moves to the heaviest point on the base where the miniature stands...

Ok enough of this - i guess there could be a single tutorial needed to explain my weird thoughts more exactly - someday this will come, promised. For now i am getting back to the base and the line that follows the Troll's hands (sketch).

Building the base

I found  some rusty old metal parts a long while ago and i kept them, why - i had no idea until yesterday where i did built that base up.

I took a wooden socket, glued the metal parts with a lot of super glue on it (let it dry) and created the area around the parts with milliput standard yellow, also for more strength in holding together, also let this dry out (3~4 hours)...

Putting everything together, also found some balls, hehe, the concept grows:

I did drill a hole in the base and the miniature's feet to set him at this point again with a metal pin later on. Additional i did clean up the areas where the milliput comes together with the wooden socket with sandpaper for some moments to get a clean plain area there.

After Priming - wild wet painting did start:

Final Thoughts

Ok, this is not really a Tutorial - more a brainstorm, but i hope some of you are able to understand my brain at this point... i just tried to catch the green line from rusto's masterpiece, an early WIP shot:

Keep on happy Painting!


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