Back from Cologne...

by Roman aka jar

Aloa Banana Lovers,

finally i am home again. Back in the jungle - still need a moment to arrive at home - but meanwhile you may check this! Really the last weeks have been great. Thanks to everyone who has supported and taken part in the two workshops in Cologne. I will write another review soon.

Home sweet home... thanks to everyone who supported the camera thing i have mentioned earlier - really your help is more than welcome.

Don't forget about the "Show some balls - Painting Competition" :)

I have also recieved Scott Radom's great exchange miniature. Wow, really BIG thanks it looks fantastic in real. Looking forward to show you some photos of my cabinet with Carlos in it. Thank you very much, Scott. Also the music is really appreciated.

I will sort my brain at home the next days and i guess this blog will not be as quiet as the last days where i have been busy... thanks for Raffa for posting such cool miniatures, saw Carlos in real yesterday and he is really wonderful.

Another point: I had a wonderful project idea for a private project and the next couple of days i am going to sell some miniatures i will never paint - starting with this Viking Chief by Pegaso Models - so if you are intrested drop me a comment here or an email at ...

Got a couple of emails and private message filling my boards, please be patient to have them replied :)

So far...
Keep on happy painting!


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