Kong's WIP Thoughts Dec01

by Roman aka jar

Another round of Kong's WIP Thoughts rolling in. As i am a bit busy now and don't find my freedom in the hectic of the upcoming days there is not happening a lot at the moment. After coming home from Berlin it goes straight away again tomorrow with Raffa to Colougne to hold 2 Painting classes there.

Actual on my workbench are still the same things as before. Just wanted to show you what i was up to in Berlin when mati shared his wisdom about sculpting with me - it is going to be a zombie someday, done with super sculpey:

Also i did a little ball testing:

Also tried to find a moment on the Geisha - sorry for the bad pictures, still massive WIP, chancing concept a bit:


Not much - i know... read you soon i hope... i make room now for the other apes to rock this place!

Keep on happy painting!


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