BeeS Putty Review lottery - Winners!

by Raffa aka Picster

Hey everyone,

today Roman wanted to announce the winners of the Stamp It contest, but as some creative explosion occured he somehow found himself helplessly cycling to the studio before he realized what happened, I hope you forgive this small delay ;)

But, one good thing about this! I have the time to announce the winners of the BeeS Putty Plastic review comment lottery.

Phew, you didn't give me an easy time. So many cool, creative and funny comments. It took way longer to work through this mass of words, 86 comments!

If you are one of the winners, please contact me via mail at "Picster (at) massivevoodoo (dot) com" to send me your adress and we will send out the prizes as soon as possible :)

Places 1-3:
(winning a pack of BeeS Putty Plastic, a copy of my Jamal bust and a Gorilla figure)
- Ine
- Cyn
- Axel "Skraaal" Melkonian

Places 4 & 5
(winning a pack of BeeS Putty Plastic and a Gorilla figure)
- Franky
- ptitlap

Places 6 - 10
(winning a pack of BeeS Putty Plastic)
- Lee
- Sebastian
- Nehr
- Sebastian Pietsch
- Markus

Please contact me to claim your prizes.

To all the others, THANK you for so many crazy cool comments! It's always so hard to choose the winners... everyone should have won! :)

Best wishes,


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