MV Jungle Interviews

by Roman aka jar

In this area of Massive Voodoo you can find official MV interviews we did with different persons and interviews that were done with us. We hope you enjoy! (This will soon be linked up in the upper navigation bar) ...

Roman's strongest influances in Miniature Painting 
Artist Portrait: Alfonso Giraldes aka Banshee

Interview with John Rosengrant, Legacy Effects, Hollywood

Pigment Pirates, HamburgTJ Kleens - Wood Spirits
Marcel Ackle, a diorama genius
Luis Méndez Juanola - MV Most Creative Award MSS 2015
Ho Hon / Marrow Productions, Journey
David "Dust" Stegmann
Pierre-Jean Chabert
Sergey Popovichenko
Spencer Davis, Booty Babe Art
Jürgen "Crackpot" Wagner
Scale Model Challenge 2013 - 18 questions, 14 painters
Phil, the man behind Putty&Paint

Interviews with Massive Voodoo
Nova Open interviews Roman & Raffa
Roman Lappat Interview in Hobby Hangouts
Roman Lappat Q&A on Noobs and their paintbrush, part 1
Roman Lappat Q&A on Noobs and their paintbrush, part2
Roman Lappat interviewed by Tuffskull
Roman Lappat in Figure Painter Magazine
Volomir's Blog: Painting with Roman Lappat

Sunshine and Moonbeam: Interview with Raffaele Picca

Sunshine and Moonbeam: Interview with Roman Lappat

Figurines-TV: Massive Voodoo Interview with Raffa and Roman
Pinselwut: Ask the Pros - Jarhead and Picster
Roman Lappat in the spotlight at Putty&Paint
Julien Casses interviews Roman Lappat
Interview with Robert Blaha aka Muhani on WAMP

Alfonso Giraldes at Monte San Savino Show 2011

More to come soon!


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