1:72 - Bull Fight

by Roman aka jar


There is a bull fight in the stadion. Vamos!

Really, I never would go there. I don't want to put any offence in the direction of all my spanish friends, but I personally can't like the tradition of bull fighting. I don't think humans should treat animals like that. I don't find respect for life in it. Well ... Vamos! No! :D

This is a 1:72 bull from the company Preiser that was put in the scene of his tragic and sad last moments of a bull fight. The little sticks on his back have been done with the use of accupuncture needles and the little roses are made from cutted leave veins plus some little pieces of leaves.

Hope you like it! You can see more detailed photos on Putty&Paint.
Let me know what you think about the tradition of Bull Fights and the figure.
Best Wishes


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