Event Review: Monte San Savino Show 2013

by Roman aka jar


One weekend passed since the MSS 2013 took place.
So many galleries and reviews popped up in the internet. Even while I was travelling home the first reviews already hit the community. I felt old and slow, haha. The jungle sometimes needs is time, you know. Raffa is doing his pretty own review for you all by showing the great photos of brave people who choose to press "the" button and this will be my little review here as I just can't sum up all the greatness I have experienced during that weekend.

First of all I want to say a big gratitude to the organisation of the show. As I have been to holiday in Italy this year I had to make the experience that the italians are sometimes not about perfection in some points in life (no offence at all!), but believe me when I say this show is organised perfectly. For everyone who travels short or long distances, thanks to the city of Monte San Savino and the organisation behind this contest.


Another big thank you goes out to everyone who visited the show, to those who brought their figures, to those who partied hard. Big thanks to my austrian friends from the Pumpkin Painters with whom I was traveling with and Rafael (Volomir) and Valerie with whom I had the pleasure to share a hotel room with.

The car was packed with figure boxes ...

I remember my first time when I visited this hot event back in 2011.
I was so amazed by this weekend that I promised everybody to be back in 2012, even there is no plane nor train. My words: "I will even walk to get here!" ... and I failed in 2012 due personal problems during November 2012. So I was pretty excited to be back again and see many well known faces again. Would they be angry with me as I did not keep my promise? No way, it was just too cool to be there again, nobody was angry with me and I quickly stopped being nervous about such thoughts. It was so good to see so many passionated painters again, to have so many nice chats all day long, to share great italian food together and to get to know to even more great people all day long. Simply amazing. I had the feeling I wasn't really able to see the figures at all as I was always talking and the time we all had together was just fantastic :D

Thanks to Anna, Michael, Ben, Raffa, Rafael and many more for the support with their photos!

Idromele night!!

This guy ... one of the biggest party lions I know!
I described him like a caged raging spanish bull, 
realizing that he can make noise with his horns at the cage bars 
and since then he never stops with chingaling!
So before I try to tell you more about my impressions I want to link to some other great reports about the show. If you take a look, what I just can recommend, you might notice everybody is saying the same: Monte San Savino Show 2013 was a nuclear blast in awesomnes!

Great Report on Masterminis (big, big gallery)
Volomir's report, part 1
Volomir's report, part 2
Les Chevaliers du Centaure
Sergeant BlackArt
Hysteria Yard
Great report from John Harrison

Pumpkin Painters report

There are even more galleries and reports around and if I missed yours please write the link via comment and I will add it to this list asap. So it is definatly not easy to find the right words after everyone already found them. I mean, today I read the report by John and he says it all like everyone else did. What the hell happened this weekend, somewhere in the countryside of Italy? 

Sometimes moments can be so epic and time can be so well spent that you don't find the right words for it. When I think back to this weekend I still can feel Idromele all over my soul, in my head, in my heart. I was not really able to do many videos, as we had an issue with our camera (button was switched to on in the bag and we realized this too late, so it was not charged until Sunday, but definatly our FAIL) but with the material I made and some additional photos (thanks again!) I was able to do a little video report from the weekend , enjoy in HD:

We are also working on the video cut of an interview with John Rosengrant, who was a very, very special guest at this years issue of MSS. Again, I can just repeat myself: Monte San Savino Figure Show really, really, really, really, really, really rocks! Some more impressions:

The french connection ... many thanks to Lila for the great gift!
 One room of the show ... three more awaiting the visitor!
 The holy place to drink coffee and other stuff during the day!
 MV special prize: Most creative entry!
 Such a great figure by rusto!
 The russian connection!

 Anna kissing a true scale Space Marine!

That armour was soooo cool!!! Grande Gast-Art!!
But no true scale ... this would be a true scale marine!

 Rainy moments ...

Mr. Rosengarts speech ...
 Why so serious, Bogousz?
 Why so serious, Raffa?
 Why so serious, Klaus?

 Waiting for the great italian food and having a close look on a photo from Volomir during the Party!
 Ahh, what have my eyes just seen?? Run!!

Food arrived!!

The gang...

Two gang members!

More of them ...
Giants ...
 Even more!

Award ceremony madness ...

As you can see the weekend was full with awesomness. What more can I say? I can't promise to be there next year - I have learned that about promising - but I will try to do all I can for being there again!

Maybe I see you there too next year?

Special thanks to my austrian crew for the fine time we had in our bus ...

Hope you enjoyed the Jungle's report and the video!
Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes

PS: Thanks to Sebastian ;)

PPS: Dennis, it has been my pleasure to meet you again in Italy!
PPPS: Thanks, Carmine for bringing your cool Orc sculpt!!
PPPPS: Many more thanks in all directions ... may the four winds carry all my thanks to everyone I was able to spent such nice moments with!


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