Orome, ShadowCrafter Miniatures

by Oli aka HonourGuard

Hello all,

some news from my table!
I finished Orome from ShadowCrafter Miniatures, some months ago. The sculpt is really great, I like especially the proportions and the concept of the figure. If you didn't know this company before, you can check out their sculpts here, maybe some other painter would like to give this figures some color, too.

I decided to give her a waterfall base, it was really a lot of fun creating all this single waterfalls. Some people asked me about the waterfalls before, just check out the tutorial from Roman right here on Massive Voodoo.
I must say I am really a fan of this technique I use it really often on my last works, I think this is a nice little detail on every base.

So here is my result:

 Here is the link to cmon and P&P, if someone want to vote :)

This a teaser for a big project that I finished right now, soon more pictures. If you click on the picture you can see every detail. I hope you like it so far :)

Best regards Oli


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