Kong's WIP-thoughts - November #02

by Roman aka jar


It is truely unbelievable ... Monte is still in my heart!
I am close to finish all my actual email work and looking forward to spent around three weeks at home now, without traveling. I think I will take these days to rest a little and paint to piano music. In the middle of december it is time to travel again to the last painting class for this year, to Sprang-Capepelle, Netherlands.

Also for the Monte report on Massive Voodoo we are working on some little videos, some photos and a collection of all the great links we found so far about the show.

We can't promise to be fast with it, but we try our best. Coming home to the Studio and knowing to be there for a while without traveling always make the studio time great. Really looking forward to it, BUT the studio really needs some clean up as busy times always turns it to a wasteland. So it is time for finding my inner balance in the studio again and clean my airbrush as you can see in the upper picture. Not just the airbrush.

I brought one very great thing from Monte San Savino, it was a gift from 'Lila'. I draw it for her and she gave it back to me in colours. It's a clown with a funny story behind it. It's now pinned to the red studio door and the memory about it while stay in my heart! Thanks, Lila!

I started working on the Monkey King again as the parcel from Hong Kong finally found its destination. This figure is just such a pleasure to paint. Can't wait to see more of Marrow Production's Figures in real. You don't know about Marrow Productions?

Well, then NOW is the time to jump up to their Kickstarter!

Only 7 days left!!!

Still WIP, still a lot to do in front of me ...

The Chimera is also not forgotten. That big base just scares me again. Need to finish the Monkey King first to recieve some good Karma back for the next monster big base. At least I made a little break from 1:72 scale and too many coins in photos now. Still having quite an amount of cool ideas with that scale in my mind, but it's time to finish other things first. I primed something else that I am painting up for my personal collection - thanks to Volomir at this point of write up.

There is also another Miniatures Unpacked heading for the jungle. I can already see the helicopters circling around the jungle canopy ...

Meanwhile my eyes wandered to a very old WIP from my side, still waiting for the right day to come ... funny :)

Well, so far from my WIP-thoughts. So many things to do. So many tasks on my list. I do it slow in the next three weeks and will enjoy home, painting, autumn and hot tea. I hope you do too. Don't forget to wear warmer clothes, a cold is bad for painting ;)

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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