MU 38 – Monkey King by Marrow Productions

by Bene aka Benji

Hello everyone,
in this little review I want to take a closer look at one of the pilgrims from Marrow Productions new game „The Journey – Wrath of demons“.

First I want to show you two pictures of the miniature we´re talking about.



The miniature is casted in resin and delivered in two parts, the body and the loincloth. So no big job to assemble the miniature, as you have only these two parts which fit pretty well together.

You can see the size of the miniature on the scale on left, it is around 5,5 centimeters (a bit more than 2 inches) high, including the rock under his feet, where he is standing on.    

The cast itself is really nice, the details are clean and sharp. Moldlines are very rare, and, if they are appear, they are pretty easy to remove. Bubbles are also no issue, I found on the miniature only one really tiny bubble, which was still covered with resin, so it won´t be a problem while painting.

All in all I can say that the Monkey King is a cool miniature, where the resin version has a really nice quality standard. I am looking forward to paint this one as it promises a lot of fun.

If you´re interested in getting one, check out the kickstarter project of Marrow Productions, but hurry up, because there are only a few hours left.

More Miniatures Unpacked can be found here and there are even more planned for the future!

Best Regards



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