Giu's Robot Repairs - Finished!

by Raffa

Hey everyone!

After posting four articles about the construction and creation of my last project, I will finally show some photos of the finished project and, of course, a video!

If you missed the four articles, check them out here:
Giu's Robot Repairs - Part 1
Giu's Robot Repairs - Part 2
Giu's Robot Repairs - Part 3
Giu's Robot Repairs - Part 4

I got a question via mail, what the button is for: Pressing the button on the project will make the robot take a photo of you :)

Ok, now let's start with the promised video!

And some photos:

You can also find the project on CMON and Putty&Paint:
Giu's on CMON - Part 1
Giu's on CMON - Part 2

Giu's on Putty&Paint

And to give this article a nice and funny end, here's a small collage of all the photos that were taken by YOU in Monte San Savino!

I really hope you enjoyed looking at the progress and for those who were in Monte San Savino I hope you had some funny moments with this interactive project!

Sharing and commenting is welcome, make the hobby grow!

Best wishes,


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