Kong's WIP-thoughts - November #03

by Roman aka jar

"Quiet minds cannot be perplexed or frightened but go on in fortune or misfortune at their own private pace, like a clock during a thunderstorm."                                                                   Robert Louis Stevenson

... well yes I have been a little more quiet as usual the last week.

Last week I just got tired of running all the time, having the foot on the gas pedal ... not really tired but I needed a little change as I felt my mind was playing tricks on me all the time in reminding me on what I still got to do on my lists.

So it was time to slow down and find a little time for my own. Slowing down the pace and I really enjoyed it. I also know it was very important. Funny thing for me was reading Meg Maple's cool article about burnout on Arcane Paintworks last week and while reading those lines I knew it is about time to slow down a little bit. No pushing through Emails everyday, heading for the studio, sitting there, knowing I still should do more office work. Office work really played some mindfuck games with me lately - so that is where I mostly slowed down. I am sorry to those who are still waiting for an email right now. I am on it again, but with a more healthy pace now. I was not burnout from figure painting at all like Meg describes, just from too much thinking of important things during the time available for painting. The pace I found made me happy again ... thanks for the little break :)

During the last week I managed to finally ship all the parcel that have to been shipped.
Taking that breath was really a good choice. Well as I said I did also spent some days in the studio, painting. Two days ago Güni arrived for private coaching and he brought a great figure with him to learn on: King Maulg from Figone. One of the best figures you can learn about light situation and volumes on (in my eyes!). There will be a little report about Güni's private choaching, here is just a little preview of his figure:

At the moment we have many emails about private coaching. Be sure we do not miss yours, we are on it, but with a healthy pace as Raffa and I got many emails a day :)

Well, I got no WIPs to show. Already finished some fun projects during the last weeks and why bore you with too much WIP stuff? What makes me really see how far some personal goals still are is one of CMON statistics, it says: "You have 520 images, out of a maximum of 1300" ... well, I am on the brush! :D

Take care of your pace and keep on happy painting!


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