Community Projects - worth a look!

by Roman aka jar


I just wanted to let our readers know about two community projects that are definatly worth a look.
The people behind both of them stepped forward and asked me if I could mention it in the jungle and sure I do ...

First one comes from THMG and here is the quote:

"Hey guys!

Long time fan, still flip through your art book once a week. I was hoping you gentlemen could do our gaming club a favour - We're all painting minis between yesterday and November 11 in honour of Remembrance Day, which will then go to auction. The money made will be donated to Wounded Warrior to help Canadian Forces veterans with physical and emotional injuries resulting from time spent in Afghanistan.

We were you hoping you might put a mention up on the blog, because you have such a huge audience, and the money (all profits after shipping is paid, we've donated the miniatures and our time) will go to a good cause."
Second one is from the 5th-Dimension Crew:



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