MU 37 - Heer 46, Panzerkampfwagen 75c & E-100 Krokodil

by Raffa

Hey everyone,

time for another Miniatures Unpacked. First, this time the title is a little bit misleading, it should be named Tanks Unpacked. Anyway, it's resin and white metal, it's small and you can paint it, I'm fine with that!

Let's start with a short description about the tanks we will review. The two tanks we will review are made by Heer 46, the scale is 15mm so it's compatible with Flames of War. The tanks are no scale modeling products but are made for WW2 wargaming.

Here are the two tanks we will review. The packaging is simple but effective.

The E-100 Krokodil unpacked. The tank is build from very few parts. The tank consists of mostly resin parts except the barrel and two extra parts which are cast from white metal.
The detail on the tracks is pretty good for the scale. The advantages of 3D printing at it's best.
The barrel was casted in white metal which is not neccessarily a good idea in my opinion because it can bend. Good thing is you can easily bend it back to a straight line.
 The rest of the parts are casted pretty nice. Some mold lines to be removed, but nothing impossible.
Here is one of the side skirts casted in resin. The casting quality is very high. The only small downside are the small lines that are generated from the 3D printing. The lines are very fine so you will normally not see too much.
This is the chassis of the tank, you can see the very crisp casting quality. The details are very nice and for a gaming piece this is definately top notch!
This is the chassis from below. The chassis is casted from a massive block of resin so you really get the "feeling of value" when picking it up. On the bottom is the rest of the casting procedure.

That's the first tank of this review. I really like the quality of the main parts. A great gaming piece!

The next tank of this review is the Panzerkampfwagen 75c the tank consists of less parts and has 2 different barrels for different weapon setups.
Here you get a impression of all the parts and the scale.
The tracks are again really nice. For one piece tracks they look really cool.
The chassis is again very detailed without any stress of assembling hundreds of little parts.
Little cleaning is neccessary, you can see some mold lines in front of the track protection parts... but that is most of the cleaning work you have to do on this tank.
Another detail shot.
This tank comes with a turret. Again very crisp casting. The only problem on the turret are some of the 3D printing lines.
I made another photo of a "bad" angle. You can see the printing lines. Still, for a gaming piece I guess most people don't care about this.
The barrels are again a bit bent, but the casting lines are much less prominent and the details look pretty cool. That was the last part of this kit.

My personal conclusion:
The tanks are really "sculpted" excellent. The casting is really good, the only problem with the tanks are the lines from the 3D printing. On some parts they are less prominent and on some parts they are more visible. But after all they are gaming pieces and for this demand they are really awesome.

I hope you enjoyed this review and maybe you will find something cool for your army!

Best wishes,


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