My Horse likes You! Work in Progress!

by Raffa

Hey everyone!

At the moment it seems that I am out of this world. Maybe I am a little bit, but I slowly feel myself coming back to earth from my flight through clouds of demotivational, cold winter melancholy.

The great thing about self-employment is that you can choose for yourself when to work and when not to work which is very nice in a creative job. There are times when you are just not creative and to push on and on when nothing creative can happen is sometimes pretty unproductive. But this great thing can sometimes be a curse too. Sometimes it's good if you got a boss that kicks your ass from time to time... ;)

Anyway! Some music first!

My Horse likes You - Bonaparte

A bit crazy, just like the winter time!

Even if the last weeks were a bit calm, I still worked on some projects, mostly sculpting stuff...
I was showing the lichi priest some days ago, another sculpt that I am about to finish is this guy:
 Still some work to do, but the hardest parts are done ;)

One result of the low creative output is for sure a raised amount of time spent with computer/console games.... or the other way around :D
I played some games and as a small sidekick feature I will now tell you what I think about those games in a kind of mini review.

Killzone Shadow Fall (Playstation 4)
Ok, so as one of the few launch titles for the PS4 this game just has to look awesome and does so.
The graphics are really impressive! I played the singleplayer campaign first and I was very impressed in the beginning. But as the first impression slowly got normal I had the feeling the game was somehow rushed and the gameplay didn't offer many new and interesting options. The story wasn't really interesting... I got bored by the story pretty fast and the end was really a big dissappointment to me. The multiplayer seemed to be a lot of fun, especially when played with friends (None of mine got the PS4 + Killzone :-( )

Assassins Creed Black Flag (Playstation 4, but also aviable for PC, XBox 360, PS3)
Wow, this game really got me from the first minute to the end! I spent countless hours exploring the wonderful caribic world with the super cool Edward Kenway. Yo ho ho! If you like pirates (and who doesn't!?) you just have to play this game. Feels like a mix of GTA and Pirates of the Carribean.
The game really offers a lot of content to explore, from hidden treasures, diving in sunken pirate ships and searching for blueprints to improve your own ship (which plays an important role in the game), fighting and stalking templars in different cities like Havanna and Kingston or fighting Royal Convoys with your ship, opening and using trading routes to europe with your fleet or hunting whales and sharks (didn't like that part though,.... I'm a too big animal friend and I do recreational diving, so harpooning poor sharks isn't my thing)........ it's all in there! If you are looking for a cool pirate adventure, get this game!

Because I played so much Assassins Creed I just had to start painting a pirate!
Still a very early work in progress shot, I continued the pirate yesterday but forgot to take a photo :(
It's almost finished now :)

I hope you liked this post, read you soon!


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