MV Miniatures for Sale

by Massive Voodoo


In this area of the jungle you can find some of the professional works of the MV-Team which are for sale. You find converted, lovely based and painted Miniatures, professional painted, unique busts and even bigger dioramas. If you want to support the painters of Massive Voodoo and make one of these pieces your please download the provided PDF catalogues of the different painters of MV.

Roman is a painting machine on his own, not only is he teaching happy painting to many students, during the year he is also painting all different scales and topics, following his unique visions for projects. From cool looking gaming models to high end quality display projects you can find a lot of figures by him that are for Sale. Thanks to those who support me in my art, passion and work!

Please notice that we try to get back to you as soon as possible, but please be aware of weekends. Our answers can take up to two or three days.


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