Praise Kyle and Lorenzo!

by Roman aka jar

Heyho Jungle dwellers,

this post is about praising to very kind persons.

Lorenzo - who we got to know during last years private coaching session - sent us a big parcel with italian candy from his local area and well, I would loved myself to manage to get some photos of it, but with Raffa and our girls seeing the parcel it was quickly split up and enjoyed. So, so, so great of you, Lorenzo! Many thanks to you! What a big surprise it was!! Best Wishes from all of us!

While I was heading for the studio once I made this cool photo of a famous place in my hometown - it is the major hall and there is one big golden room inside. As you can see on the photo I was on the outside but enjoyed how all that glitter and gold was seen through the windows ... beside this was the place were we went for dinner with Lorenzo. Not the golden room indeed but in the basement of the townhall. Good Memories.

Another person I want to thank deeply is Kyle aka M R Lee - whom I did sent a parcel myself lately - who did sent over also a surprise for the jungle - we had no idea what to expect in it:

Well, after opening up I knew why he said he thought this would fit perfectly for the jungle. We found a good place for it. Two Bananas pointing at the yellow jungle door:

Thanks for the cool canvas, Kyle.

Well, I am already done with packing, shaving and getting ready for another one of Jar's Beginner's Painting class, this time in Aschaffenburg. Jumping the car in about two hours I am happy to have Raffa with me for the ride and the class. Packing all that stuff always is a quest for itself:

Yet there is still more :D

So far, read you after the weekend and don't forget to enjoy some happy painting time for you!
Best Wishes


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