Kong's WIP-thoughts - January #02

by Roman aka jar

These days feel strange ...
Still - what I call my winter melancholy - goes hand in hand with every breath ...
Today I am doing final packing and preparation to travel to Trier for the weekend's upcoming painting class. Winter melancholy within my soul, even there is not even snow outthere, soon ready to travel by train. Outside just rain.

Strange days are normal, they appear sometimes to everyone, it is just a matter on how you deal with them. I did not yet find a solution to push myself out of "feeling strange". I try just to accept it as it is.

Good Music helps to enjoy single moments. Friends to too and yesterday we were lucky to have Wolfgang - a good friend from Munich - visiting us in the studio. Wolfgang is a big fan of wolves, in real life and when it comes to Miniature Painting. He even brought a white wolve ... no a big dog, named "Stella" with him and the day in the studio was truely a beautiful day ...

White wolves in the studio ...

While Stella was bored I tried to work a little further on another long time project. Working title for this project is "The gang is all here" and I took some attention to work on the base of this big diorama. Here you can see a photo of it from the past, it shows the project with the last WIP photos that I have done in February 2013.


As I am already pretty happy with the figures, still two or three of them are still missing. Two of them are already under my brush and recieve some work, but mainly the base was boring me, so I took my brush and brought some athmosphere and detail to it. It is not done yet but I do like the direction it goe. I needed more colder colours to set the scenery in a more athmospheric, dramatic, more threathening environment. I am on it and I think it works well so far. Let's see where this will go.

I already prepared my demonette that I am explaining class content on in the last days and did start to build the base that I start to paint during the class, but it will be used for the Chaos Space Marine Comission I am working on.

Well, I do have many projects around my table, some older, some younger, some bigger, some smaller and it seems that the time is coming to finish some of them. Believe me I did not forget the Chimera :)

Meanwhile, Stella was still bored ...

So far, keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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