Duncan Acrylic Colours

by Roman aka jar

Hey Painters,

colour news ahead.
PK-Pro now got Duncan Acrylic Colours in stock.

I first had some contact with those colours during a painting class and I was fascinated by their matte dry and their strong way of being opaque after the first two layers. Thanks to PK-Pro we are able to test some of those colours now for you.

First thing that  catches the eye is their price. 3,20 € per bottle of 59 ml. For comparision for mostly the same price you get 12 ml from GW or 17 ml from Vallejo.

Well that is pretty much colour in one of these bottles. A plus point for the Duncans. On the bottles they also say they dry out matte and are very opaque. Let's check this on a celtic shield.

Primed the shield in black and white and put some of the Duncan Acrylics on a piece of tea paper.

Well, now to the shield and I should have read the bottle introduction first as I did forget to shake the bottle properly. Well, now I got that soup here, but using my hairblower makes this dry in a second for a new go with proper shaked bottle. My fail.

Bottle shaked properly now and applied two coats of colour to the left and one to the right. Let each of your layers dry, even if they look mad, like the left side. I can already see on how matte they dry and I really do like that.

I did bring up three layers to every area to get a perfect opaque cover. Three is a nice number for it, but nothing to special, would have needed the same amount while using GWs or VMC. But there is plus for being so matte. This is really a good base to start painting from.

Well, let's see on how those colours work with the airbrush. Raffa did prime his next figure and his results were also very matte. Really cool, but as the colours are a little thicker than usual ones you might need to thin them down pretty much and do many layers or do less layers with a thicker mix in your airbrush, but clean it properly afterwards or even during the process. It works and turns out matte like wished:

All in all we can say, those colours are great for basecoating your figures or different material areas. For glazing they also work ok, but as they dry out so matte you might often recieve a very chalky texture on the area you are working on. This can, of course, be used for different material contrasts if well chosen.

We mainly had some brownish and skin tonish colours for testing. We will definatly get us some others too, like black, green, yellow and blue and see if you can mix them easily. 
The price for one bottle with 59 ml is really one of its kind.

Keep an eye out for Duncan Acrylic Colours in the future or get yours at PK-Pro!


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