Review: Painting Class in Sprange-Capelle, Netherlands

by Peter aka Baphomet

Hey guys,

puh, a tough week (plus Christmas, plus New Year switch) has passed since Roman and me have returned from the class in Sprange-Capelle, Netherlands. 6 hours of driving after a awesome weekend drain your energies more then you would usually imagine. But nevertheless it was a great weekend, which I will always remember.

Special thanks to Gert and Jurgen for their help and support in organizing the class. Without you guys the class would not have been possible. And thank to all attendents, who made the class what it was: an awesome weekend full of fun and colors ...

Roman and me arrived on Friday afternoon at the venue after a quite nice trip. It was my first time in the Netherlands and I can only recommend to everybody to visit this lovely country. But NEVER fully trust in your navigation system... why? Well, I just had Jurgen´s address and when we "reached" our destination we were standing in front of a abandoned house... we realized that this could not have been the right place and after some calls the situation was clear and Jurgen saved the two lost Germans... a pretty funny beginning :-)

"I have come away from this weekend inspired and full of joy, a feeling that has no price tag."

The venue was a very special one. Jurgen works as a undertaker and the class took part in the office of his funeral home. It was a nice new building but you always feel some kind of respect while walking through the building. Especially when we where in the garage and saw the car... where there was a lot of laughing by the attendents all the time during the class, in the garage we kept a silience which I would say came out of respect. It was not a dark mood, it was more that everybody was confronted with something unusal and made his own thoughts about it. I for myself think of this experience as a positive one. It made me stronger and today I somehow enjoy every day more then before.

"I can definitely recommend these classes to everyone from varying levels of painting and they would still learn a lot."  Jorik

The joy of painting was something that was obvious throughout the whole class. I joined Roman on a few classes but we both were overwhelmed by the positive vibes. Everybody was eager to paint and to learn. So I saw nobody arguing or complaining about something. Even on Saturday when there was the hardest part of the whole class, every kept on going and left the valley of frustration quickly again.

"And massive respect to Roman and Peter, who have been guiding us with such a positive, educational, but mainly inspiring hands through the course of the weekend. I was impressed at how they made each one of us belong there. Everyone mattered, they did not place themselves above us. That made talking to Roman or Peter very relaxed, open, friendly, and natural. Atop that, they have great eye (thanks to their experience) for every individual learning curve, seeing where to push one person, and where to guide the other."

I could write a lot about how the class was but I would recommend to read the reviews of the participants. Some of the attendents were fast as lightning and published their experiences on their blogs. You´ll find their links at the end of this posting. For me and Roman it was the perfect ending of the class-season in 2013. I was happy that I wrote the review because Roman did as he said and dissapeared in his winter cave to rest and regain energies ... I hope he wakes up someday again! 

Thanks to SceneryWorkshop which provided every particpant with a small Christmas gift and doing photos of all the demonettes - very cool! Here are some examples ...

                                                   Check the gallery for more, really beautiful pieces!

Thanks to everybody for being part of this wonderful weekend and we´ll meet again in 2014 :-)


1) Gallery (pictures taken by me)
2) Review by Damien
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5) Gallery by Philip
6) Gallery by Scenery Workshop

Best wishes,

PS: Roman from the Cave: Thanks to all of you! Damien? I got that lighter ... had such a big laugh about it, thank you very, very much! I will cherish it! Keep on happy painting to all of you and see you in 2014!!


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