Workshop Review: Romain Van den Bogaert - Berlin

by Raffa

Hey everyone,

yes, I know, this workshop review comes a bit late. But better late than never ;)

The workshop was held by Romain Van den Bogaert in the Battlefield Berlin store (they got a special class room now!) at the weekend of 22.-24. November 2013.

As I love sculpting but still got a lot to learn by a master like Romain I decided to go there even if it's a pretty long way from Augsburg to Berlin. But at least I didn't have to go alone, Bene traveled with me!

We had a place to sleep at Mati's and so, awesome times awaited us!

We arrived at Battlefield Berlin before the class started and so we had the time to find a nice place and prepare all our stuff. When the class started Romain and Christian (on of the Battlefield owners) gave some basic instructions about the place before the class really started. We all had to prepare a dolly at home, he sent us some instructions for this easy, but time consuming step via e-mail.
Nice to see all those people again!
The class started and everyone began to put some putty on their dolly.
My dolly got some putty and with Romain's excellent anatomical explanations it worked like a charm!
We even had participants from France :) Romain brought this perfect anatomical reference skull which helped very much (when it wasn't seized by Valerie :D ).
The class was held in english, not a big deal. All the explanations were pretty understandable.
More putty and more getting into shape!
The boys are back in town!
Romain's version of the classes bust, everyone was free to do any bust as long as it had basic human anatomy.
Only in Berlin: Chairity
Wow, look at those concentrated faces!
Philip without a funny face.. yes! He doesn't always look like a clown, hahaha :)
My bust getting eyeballs! Very interesting techniques were shown from Romain.
From time to time we had a big pow-wow at Romain's table to get some special tricks and tips :)

So, in the end everyone was pretty happy with all the new knowledge, I really have to say it was a really cool class, especially because it was Romain's first class. Maybe I get the chance some day to visit the class again :)

We also had a great time with all of our friends in Berlin! Mati, Phil, Bene, Ben, Matt, Micha, Valerie, Tue and all the others! THANKS!!! It was awesome!
Thanks also to Battlefield Berlin for all the support and to possibility to take part in this class!

Best wishes,


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