Undead King

by Roman aka jar


Well, I just got home yesterday late evening from a cool painting class weekend in Trier, Germany.
We had a lot of fun, everybody achieved some big personal steps when it comes to his individual progress, but all in all it was also a very exhausting weekend. I will write the review in the next couple of days, so stay tuned. First I will do a relax-day this Tuesday, write some important mails and drink some tea.

Lately I finished another figure, some of you might have seen this bust already on CMON or Putty&Paint. I really can say I love the sculpts by Romain van de Bogeart. They are so full with character and you really find it when you are painting it. So let me introduce you to the Undead King, my version is a bit different as he is supposed to be a corpse straight out of the ocean ... I hope you enjoy:

"From the seashore he appears, undead, but happy!"

Well, before I show you some more final photos I like to let you know how the bust become what you see as a final result. I really enjoyed some happy painting here, from the beginning to the end. There was no fixed plan on how I will paint this model. I just sat down, prepared him and threw some colour on.

Happy Painting in Progress ...

After the paintwork was mainly done I decided to give the oceanic theme a try. For this I used matte varnish, put some collected plants from nature and some from MiniNatur in that mix. A wild variation from plants that I found fitting. 
 Next, I was unhappy with that colour and added some tourquoise and green to that mix. Additional to it I added some mosh to it, like described in this article:

Different ways on how you can create fine looking dosh at your bases.

I placed this mix to the mostly finished painted bust. This takes bravery, but being brave in happy painting mostly gets you a reward. My reward was that I have been really pleased wit the result. I added some calm fouling to his skin too:

An old pirate boat full of clams and clam fouling.
... and in the end placed some small shells with superglue and painted those. 
Undead King
Master Miniatures, ~50 mm 
more photos: Putty&Paint

I hope you like him! 
Whatever you think, just look him in the eyes to know that he likes you. 
A happy Zombie indeed!
Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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