Inspiration, Samurais and Zombies - You vote!

by Roman aka jar


a little inspirational video I found about a cool looking game that I will not play:

I Really enjoyed it, even it is not brand new.
Maybe you can also find some inpsiration for your projects in it. Who knows?

Meanwhile I am packing and preparing the upcoming painting class in Aschaffenburg, Germany this weekend. Looking forward to it. Next days will be pretty silent around me as we will arrive home late on Sunday. Monday will be a relax day and on Tuesday we have Roman from Russia visiting us for two days of private coaching here in Augsburg in our studio.

I got one question for all of you  
- I told you I will focus on writing more articles again in 2014, the year of the painter on MV. Short ones, big ones, interesting ones and boring ones, hopefully also some weird ones. So my question is which one you want to see next (kind of two questions):

- Shall it be an interesting journey and insight on how I did paint up some of my Zombicide Gaming Pieces first?
For Zombies vote "Zombies" in the comments!

- Or shall it be a deep look on my experiences I have made while painting and working with 1:72 Samurais?
For Samurais vote "Samurai" in the comments!

Please don't vote for "Zombie Samurais" :) 

Voting the next article will last until Monday next week.
Well I will prepare and write the article then next week.
Looking forward to it. I hope you too.

Best Wishes and keep on happy painting!


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