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by Roman aka jar

"Dear MassiveVoodoo-Team!

I would like to present you one project of mine and if you like
it I would be very happy if you like to review it on your blog or fb-page! :)

Sometimes my painting projects take a few months and sometimes I can't
paint for a few weeks so I often have to ask myself: "Which colors did
I used in which order to get that certain effect on that base?" "Which
washes did I use to get that cool metal blade?" ... you get the point. :)

Because Im a fan of consistent design I had to prepare myself:
A few months ago I started a new army project ("The albino Skaven" ;)) and
started to write down the painting order of all my materials, mixtures and
flocks to achieve a certain effect.

At that point a had the idea that it would be useful to keep track of
such lists in a database on my iPhone and the abillity to share my
materials (written down like a tutorial) with my friends and/or the "world". :)

A few months and some hard work later my app "PaintMyMinis" was born where one
can store an organise my miniature painting projects.

For further and detailed information on that app please have a look here:

I wish you a happy new year, a nice day and: thank
you for your time and consideration! :)

Regards and thanks!
Marius "

Be the lucky one!

PaintMyMinis provides 5 free apps (codes) for the 5 lucky Massive Voodoo readers - all you got to do is write a comment under this post and we random draw the lucky winner, next week on Monday the 13th of January. Make sure you have acces to an iOS device and get your free version.

We will sent the codes to the winners in private after the random draw.


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