Kong's WIP-thoughts January #03

by Roman aka jar

Number three of my WIP-thoughts for January ...

Actually I am pretty busy with organising and holding several painting classes, but the time in the studio is well spent.

During my last class in Trier I began working on the base for the comissioned 40K Chaos Lord, the base should create some kind of the same athmosphere as did the one from Enigma's Dark Vlad that I have painted back in 2010 - sorryio, photo is a bit strange, done in the cabinet with lightning, but I think you can get the idea ...

Well still WIP but it is getting somewhere ...

Maybe you remember back last year when I paint demonettes again on my class for demonstration. This was a wise choice as the collection of the ladies grows and really helps class students to check back with a light situation or helps to see colour choices. I really enjoy how this lady gang grows, even all of them would need some more time to be completly finished I really enjoy putting them together ... again weird photo in the cabinet ... I think I still got room for two more, so what colour should be next??

Their names: Madame Green, Sky Claw, Sandy Desert, Purple Haze, Pink Horror, Aqua Sandra ...

Meanwhile like always in the early year I am working on my long time pure Fantasy WIP with amazing Red Box Games Figures ($$SHAaahh I was to slow with the Kickstarter). It is still things to do but I am focused to finished it in time for a painting competition. At least that is my goal, let's see how it turns out. As I see the project closing in to a final stage of work I am not able to show you too much photos of it, but some ...

That base, still a lot to do ...

Preparing more models and more sticks ... why? The future will tell and I explain myself about this project in form of an article :)

At the moment there are 16 figures included in the base already, plus some small mice. Three still have to be finished before I call the figure work done and concentrate on the final sharpness and detail of the basework. Fun indeed and it makes me pretty happy to see this grow together finally. I know that there is the right time for every project. When I remember back on how this started, haha:

A deep look to the past of this piece, started around two years ago :D

More Red-Box-Miniature Fantasy?

Well, that's it for now. I hope you enjoyed some insight. There will be plenty, which is promised but not right now as I now sit down with a new coffee and write the Painting Class Review of the class in Trier. Friday brings the Miniature Painting Circus and me to Aschaffenburg, Germany.

See, it is busy at the moment, but also cheerful and ... and ... I am out!

keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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