Interview with John Rosengrant

by Raffa

Hey everyone,

today I have the honor to show you a very special interview!
In Monte San Savino we had the honor to meet John Rosengrant, if the name does not ring a bell... he is a special effects legend from Los Angeles, known for his works in movies like Terminator, Aliens, Predator, Jurrassic Park, Iron Man, Real Steel (he got nominated for an Oscar award), Constantine, Avatar, Avengers and many more! He is also one of the founders of Legacy Effects.

And guess what, he also paints and sculpts miniatures :)
As he is a very kind and open minded person, we got the chance to make an interview.

He is also a Massive Voodoo reader, here's a small message from him to us, the painting community around MV:

"I really enjoyed the Show at Monte San Savino, truly one of the best, but what was also special was the opportunity to meet you all, and to see the passion and energy all of you put into your art. It really reminded me of when I started out as a young artist breaking into the film business in the area of Special Effects(make-up and animatronics). It takes true dedication and an all consuming drive to succeed as an artist, which you all have. The willingness to take chances,experiment and put in the hours necessary to do it right was on display with your works......
I appreciate both the Historical and Fantasy sides of the art we all create (I work in both areas and love them both) but it seems to me the new driving force in creativity in the world of miniatures is coming from the enthusiasm in Fantasy and Massive Voodoo is front and center......"

Ok, enough talk already, here's the interview:
I hope you enjoyed it!

Best wishes,


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