My Last Minis of 2013

by Bene aka Benji

Hey Everyone,

I hope you all had a good start into the new year! Today I want to fill the blog again with some color and miniatures as there are still some left, which I haven´t posted yet.

I want to start with the "oldest" one of them, it is a marine from the Sedition Wars Game Box, which somehow reminds me of the Dead Space computer game. I guess that´s the reason why my paintjob went also this direction. The Mini was a pretty quick fun project.

The next one is a sculpt I started without a concept, but finally turned out as some druid or mage who seems to love the nature and to get his powers from her. As with every sculpt I did so far, I learned a lot, but I still have enough spots where I  can get better and train more. 

For more images or if you want to vote you are invited to visit on putty and paint: 

And finally the last mini for the last year is Imrahil from the Lord of the Rings. I wanted to do again something from Lord of the Rings and started this guy initally for a winter-themed contest on a forum. Unfortunately I didn´t finish him in time, but at least I finished him. 

Also here, for more pictures and maybe a vote ;) you are invited to check him on putty and paint:

I hope you like these minis.

I wish you a nice day!




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