Tutorial - SciFi Gaming Base, Trench

by Roman aka jar

Hello jungle readers,

this article will show you on how I proceeded
during the base build for this Imperial Comissar and
explain some steps that I took -  I hope you enjoy:

Talkin' about this base here:

Definatly it is not the typical gaming base that you find out there as it is just to much work to do such stuff on many gaming bases, but maybe you have one model from your army that you are truely in love with, so spending more time on it is definatly not a bad idea.

Where did I start from?
The following photo shows you the early start. I took a gaming base, some Knead it! (now what is that?), a skull and a body from McVey's Resin Marines. This will be a muddy corpse when the base is finished.

I prepared some wood pieces, toothpicks, coffeesticks or a match. What you can find will work for it. My plan was to create a little trench athmosphere.

Next, Selleys Knead it! again.  
Knead it! is a special sculpting putty that comes from Australia. Thanks to our friend Weisern the jungle got provided with it. I know that Weisern bought it in a craftmans-shop, where you also can buy tools and stuff. I am 100% sure that there are other brands who produce such material, just check for your local store to find out.

Well, what is so special about it:

- You can sculpt, repair and fill with it (Multipurpose)
- It gets hard in ~4 Minutes after mixing
- it is not healthy for your skin

So most important point for me here was the time saving. It hardens quick, so it was a good choice to build it under my construction that will follow on top of it. Usually I also have it with me when going for a painting class or event, as in the worst case, damage can be repaired really quick. Never happened thus far, phu!

Important is to wear rubber gloves while working with it. Don't do it without, the putty gets very hot during its fast drying process and it is definatly not healthy for your skin. Please read the instruction of the putty that you use to prevent yourself from harm.

After opening it, I removed the silver prevention (keep that, you need it later on to put it back in place) and see that the putty is prepared for use in an intelligent way. Just cut off a small amount, very often you don't need too much of it.

This is already too much, now it is cake slice time!

Well, now not to forget the rubber glove and mix it. Make sure you want to know what you want to do before you start mixing it. You have to be quick as it hardens pretty fast.

It is not a good putty for sculpt something complex, but it did for me here with the additional height of my gaming base. For sure you can also use some cork or Milliput or other puttys for it. It hardened in a glimpse of an eye and I was able to go on with the wood pieces that I glued with super glue. Why I am so relaxed at the moment even it looks kind of stupid? Because there will be some earth on top of it later on :)

Think while basing, but don't worry too much!

Don't forget to put back the silver protection on your putty.
Next it was time for some soil/ common earth to be placed on top, done with super glue again.
I fear that the skull got lost in the mud, well it happened and I can't change it. It is still visible but not complete, but maybe that is even more natural. You shall not worry!!! :D

You also can spot out lillte damage that I cut into the wood pieces to make them more natural and random. Also small pieces of wood where used to make the base more interesting for the eyes.

I was pretty happy with the result and it took me around one hour to build that base up. AS said before not the typicall gaming base and you should take care if you play with something like that. Don't let Murphy's Law drop it from the table.

Last Step before priming was sanding the plastic of the base to remove the dirt there. Well, yes and painting it. I hope you like it! Let me know if there are any questions, suggestions, ideas or other thoughts of yours!

Muddy dirty trench warfare ... how I imagined.

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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