Painting Jam 33 - FAQ

by Roman aka jar


Heyho fellow jungle travellers,

while I work my way through my mails I saw that another painting jam has to be fullfilled.
And here we go - another one for the collection of Painting Jam FAQs.


Liam asks ...

"Hi there,
I have been following you a lot recently on Massive Voodoo and on CoolMini. You are a great inspiration. I have taken a few years away from painting and looking to get back... But as you probably know... It get's a little scary after some time off =0).

I was wondering if you could tell me about your basing?(A) Do you hand make most of your bases? (B)(the scenery) Such as the base of your Soul Guardian or Ancient Hero Maulg? I was also looking at Ana's Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer Prophet.... I have always wanted to know if people hand make the scenery or buy them!

Where do people also buy their plinths? (C)

Sorry for being so rude and just throwing 100 questions at you but where better to learn from? Especially when I consider you such a great painter :)

Thanks for any help you may give me

Thanks a lot


My answer:

Hi Liam, thanks for the kind words about my work. Sure I'll try to help you as good as I can with my answer. I gave your questions letters so it is easier to understand ...

A) I am pretty relaxed when it comes to my basing work. I first have a basic plan (for example a forest or temple base), then I search in my collection of stones, bones and other materials. Collect everything toegether and than start basing without to hard sticking to the detail plan. I always try to let the base grow from itself. For me that means, if something breaks or changes during the progress I'll let it be and just say to myself: "Everything happens for a reason!" Then I keep going and finish the base. That makes me a truely happy painter as things grow from itself when you let them.

B) Yes. Most of my bases are handmade, also most of my gaming bases I do for fun figures. You can find a big collection of basing articles here in MV's basing tutorial section. Here the monkeys try to explain what they do and which materials they used for different aspects.

C) I buy my plinths at Sockelmacher, which by the way has a great new homepage and ships worldwide!

I hope my answers helped you.
Thanks again for the kind words.


Chris asks:

"Hi Roman

I have been a lurking follower of Massive Voodoo for a long time.

I don't get a lot of time to paint but was thinking of having a go with oil paints rather than my usual acrylics. You have one of the few articles I could find on painting miniatures with oils, and I wonder which oils and thinners you recommend.

Also, do you have any experience or opinion on Windsor & Newtons Artisan water mixable oil paints, I thought maybe as they are water mixable the would be more friendly to those familiar with acrylic paints? 

Many thanks


My answer:
Hey Chris,
thanks for being a part of the jungle for a long time :)
Oils can make your painting time - which is not much as you say - faster in your results. Don't try to paint the same way as you do with acrylics. It is a different medium and works different, but it is really enjoyable. 
When buying Oil colours I do not recommand buying the cheap ones from the supermarket sales. They suck. Been there, done that. My personal collection exists mainly of colours from the companies"Schmincke" and "Lukas", also some of "Rembrandt". They are expensive I know, but in the end they last for a life time if you paint miniatures with it.
For thinning I use the thinner from "Lukas" which I am pretty happy with.

I guess you already know those two articles from MV:

... and what you got to know for an easy start with oil paint, by Roman.
Andrea explains his way of using oil colours! Pure Essence of Petroleum, baby!

The suggestions of brands is just my personal stuff I got and honestly I have to say I am not a well trained miniature painter when it comes to Oil colours. I should and would love to do more but ... yeah I don't even have an answer to this :D - So maybe some pros could help you in the comments ...

On a painters meeting a while ago I was able to paint with the water mixable oil colours. I did not see a really big difference, but as said I am not a pro myself as I do train painting with them too less.

I really recommand, making your own experience with good equipment and a little more expensive colours to find out what you like and what you don't like. Learn, compare, paint, learn, compare, making experience ... this is what will help you and me the most when it comes to Oils :)

Hope this helped, even it does not feel so for me :)


Painting Jam out!


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