Mu 40 - Beneath the Pyramid, NorthStarModels, 54 mm

by Roman aka jar

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Beneath the Pyramid by NorthStarModels.

76 Comments have been placed by you for the voting and one of you will be the lucky winner of this Diorama. Before I tell you the winner I want to announce a great offer from NorthStarModels:

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That is very kind of NorthStarModels. Thank you very much in the name of our readers. So, now let's find out via which comment is the lucky winner: Number 33 - Luthien is the winner! He also voted for the Unpacking of this set ... lucky you! Please write an email to jarhead---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com with your postal adress to see the set shipped to you soon!

Let's get it on with opening the box ...

Inside you find everything packed well ...

Unpacking every single part brings you nine pieces to build up that diorama:

First thing I recognize are the cool egyptian columns ...

As you can see there is still a rest from the casting process beneath the pyramid ... uhm, I mean at the bottom of the column pieces. This is pretty thin so it is easy to remove. You can also find some of those at the figures, when you look at the detailed, thinner arm pieces.

I really enjoy the columns as they are full with lovely detail. I did build up the scene in the end of this review and all I can say about the columns: I wish there would have been more to really build up that scenery with the same looking stuff as it might get pretty hard copying or resculpting some more of those fine egypt artwork.

As I was talking about the mould lines from the casting process on the detailed arms, here is a good example (picture below). There are some, but as the material is very kind when it comes to clean it up they can easily be handled with a knife and some fine sandpaper.

Having a closer look on the mummy. Three parts and it is ready. As you can see that set is not too complex to build up so it is also a nice set for painters who are not so experienced. The mummy is of course full  of linen. At most of the places I do enjoy how they are placed at the monster, but on the chest I am a bit confused and I think I would find the same confusion also while painting that area.
Also there are some thin mould lines on the linen parts, which will be a pain in the brain to clean up.

As the mummy isn't the main actor in that diorama we will now have a look on the beautiful Egypt lady that is preparing to chase the monster. I really like the detail of the sculpt and her bodyforms. I am not sure about the hair just ending perfectly in place on her nipples, but sometimes it has to be like that I guess. Sad. Also a mould line on her leg caught my attention but definatly not one who brings pain to the brain. This is easy to remove by some fine sandpaper as the area is big enough to work properly on it.

Next step is taking a closer look on the diorama in "Setup-Mode". For this I used Pattafix (Bluetac) to just give you all a quick impression on how the scene looks in the end. It is not perfectly placed, for example the lady is really leaning on the column, but I wasn't able to do so with only two hands.

I think the scene brings a lot of tention to this dangerous moment that is shown here.

For the base I would really have a vase or some more column pieces added to the scene. Sure you can do a lot with sand under a pyramid but I miss some detail parts. I guess I could easily find something from another brand but somehow it would be cool to have some options inside the box already.

I really do enjoy the exciting moment that this diorama shows, even I do ask myself, what is that leg of hers doing in the air. I made some tests on my own by doing the stand she has, with the weapon and have to say it is not the most comfortable "ninja-attack-preparation-stance". But maybe I am just having a bad day today. Well, we remember, the Egypts had some strange moves back in those days and no one can tell what happened beneath a pyramid. EDIT: We found out it was my fault - check the comments for details!

In conclusion I can say I do like the piece! 
There is a little work to do with the cleaning but with such a limited number of pieces you might not have too many troubles. I really enjoy how fast you can create a very dangerous moment in this full diorama in a very quick time. I really could imagine this whole scene just with one light source from a torch or something ... this might get really athmospheric I guess.

Who will be the winner? Will the mummy rip off the flesh from this lady or will she slice the mummy in pieces! I like such moments in a diorama ... very cool!

I hope you enjoyed this little review!
Beneath the Pyramid by NorthStarModels.
Let me know what you think of the piece via comments!

Best Wishes


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