Private Practice Review: Güni

by Roman aka jar

Hello on this wonderful morning,

I told you that we are a little behind our normal blog schedule and while I clean up my emails I found this one by Güni. He has been our latest private coaching student, about 3-4 weeks ago and he was so kind to write a little review from his point of view ... let's see what he has to say.

Güni in concentration mode!


"Hi there,

on 26 + 27.11 I was at a private workshop at Raffa and Roman.

After the workshop, Roman asked me if I do not want to write a review
- now here it comes :-)

First things first - In May, I got a voucher for a private workshop to my 30 birthday from my girlfiend and some good friends. I have to admit I was expecting a lot of things but the workshop voucher was definitely not one of them.

After I realized that I'm going to have a private lessons with 2 of the best painters out there I started thinking, what should be the priorities, which figure should I take, what questions do I want to ask and most importantly is there so much new stuff those 2 could teach me, after I have been to their beginner and advanced classes?

Almost 7 months and 22 emails later it was all clear - going to the workshop! Out of sheer excitement (and of course because I wanted to learn as much as possible) I booked my train ticket so that we could start at 9 a clock in the morning. What I have not quite noticed was that my alarm clock
would ring at 5 in the morning, so that I reach the train in time.

At the Augsburg train station Raffa and Roman were already waiting for me.
After arriving at Massive Voodoo Headquarters we discussed the next steps and my priorities for the private practice.

Then the "work" started. As one of my priorities was the effective use of the airbrush it went off with it also immediately. The basecoat was hardly on the miniature, when I got the first tip "Use your airbrush just like a normal brush" - "But it's an airbrush?"
"Yes, just air brush" and see there, the results were better than they were before.

I must admit that I was a little bit skeptical in the beginning. Roman painted on a Mini while I was busy and Raffa painted the same figure as me to be able to give me better tips without having to demonstrate it on my figure.

Though they have said me several times that I can always ask and they are available to me immediately I have also asked myself "do they see if I do something wrong, so that they can give me the assistance for which I am here?"

After tips like "try that sometimes" or "do that rather thus" came over and over again this doubts were eliminated relatively fast :-)

The nice thing about the private workshop was that the tips and tricks were tailored to me personally and to my weaknesses, so I could learn very much useful stuff.

Two joyful days had just flown by, but the inspiration and the useful tips will last a lifetime!


The workshop was definitely not cheap but it was completely tailored to me and my needs. As so, my personal learning curve went up
extremely fast.
-> Clear recommendation (perhaps you have some good friends who give you a voucher?) ;-)

Greetings and happy holidays

Well, I can only say thank you, Güni. Thanks for being so full of will to learn during the class. It really has been our pleasure to help your painting level jump up to the next level. At a certain point DVD's, Tutorials and the internet can't help that much. Sometimes it is important to get guided in real to reach the next level - we were very happy to do so. Thanks for the nice time and a big sorry again from me about the pizza ;)

Keep on happy painting!


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